‘Do you have a Bentley?’ and other conversational ice-breakers to use when you meet the homeless – by Rishi Sunak

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Rishi Sunak has revealed some top tips for mixing with the homeless it is revealed today, such as asking if they have a Bentley, or where their favourite Waitrose is.

With footage emerging earlier of the billionaire Prime Minister asking a homeless person if he works in business, Rishi Sunak has released some further tips on how to bond with homeless people if you are forced to have to talk to them. 

Speaking earlier, Sunak told us, “Obviously I’d ask them if they have a Bentley, because I have one and we could talk about that together. 

“And then I’d ask how big their house is, and if they have three toilets, and maybe discuss interior design or the difficulty in finding a good cleaner. 

“It’s always good to ask about holidays too, so I’d ask where they going away this year, and if they like skiing, for example. 

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“Before having a laugh about where our favourite Waitrose is, and the top ten restaurants in London. 

“It’s just all about finding a common ground with people you haven’t met before, and then having a good old chit-chat with these people for the hour or so required before my press team tells me I am allowed to leave.”

Asked what the name of the man he was speaking to earlier was called, we were told, “Erm .. homeless business guy… he really liked me.”

You can donate to Crisis here, who do amazing work at this time of year with the homeless, providing warm meals and a roof over the heads of people struggling this Christmas.