Britain wistfully remembers the time when it had a Prime Minister

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Leading basket case of a country, ‘Great’ Britain, has spent time wistfully reminiscing about the time when it actually had a Prime Minister.

“You tell kids that we used to have a Prime Minister and they won’t believe you,” said Simon Williams, a man who actually lived in Great Britain at a time when it had a Prime Minister.

“There was a man, or sometimes a lady, and they lived in Number 10 Downing Street, and did things that they hoped would make the country better.”

Eleanor Gay could also remember a time when Great Britain had a Prime Minister.

“When there was a big crisis on, like now when everyone is going on strike and nothing works. Well, when that happened, the bloke who was Prime Minister would try and do things to stop all the strikes,” she explained.

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“He might order the unions and companies to talk, or he might even lead the talks himself, but whatever, he’d try his best to actually stop the strikes so that everyone could get on with their lives.”

Both Mr Williams and Ms Gay agreed that, by and large, it was better when Britain had a Prime Minister compared to now, when it doesn’t really.

“Generally speaking, I’d prefer to have a Prime Minister than not,” sighed Mr Williams.

“Although, the only caveat to that would be Boris Johnson. It’s probably better now not having any Prime Minister than it was when we had him.”