‘I’m sick of hearing about Harry and Meghan’ insists man who can’t stop talking about Harry and Meghan

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A man has insisted today that does not care one bit about Meghan and Harry and is sick of hearing about them, despite constantly talking about them on every social media channel available to him.

Simon Williams, who also searches for the couple’s names on Twitter to express his disinterest in them, revealed his frustrations earlier today after reading a two-page article about the pair online, before settling down to watch a Netflix documentary entitled ‘Harry and Meghan’.

He raged to reporters, “I simply don’t care for these people that I keep choosing to talk about.

“Why is this being literally rammed down our throats? I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in this couple, as demonstrated by my willingness to jump into numerous social media comment threads to explain how uninterested in them I am.

“It has completely taken over the news, and basically the whole of social media. It has been just about all I see online; it’s absolutely everywhere I look, particularly after I put ‘Meghan’ into the search box.

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“Every website I load, there they are. In the entertainment news, and online and in all of the stories I choose to read when I see it illustrated by a picture of the couple.”

Asked if he could perhaps just NOT read the stories about Harry and Meghan to avoid the stories about them, and maybe he could stop talking about them if he wants to stop hearing about them, we were told, “Shhhhh the documentary is just starting. I HATE these people.”