Further Netflix revelations: My brother screamed at me “Our uncle is a nonce!”

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The final part of the Harry and Meghan Netflix series has revealed that at one point in their fractious relationship Prince William screamed at his brother, “Our uncle is a nonce!”.

Harry went on to explain how his brother felt the monarchy was in jeopardy thanks to his randy uncle’s predilection for befriending sex traffickers.

During an interview in the documentary, Harry said, “I’d told him we were going to America, and William shrugged his shoulders before telling me ‘Do what you like, you only get one life, so make it a happy one’, before turning around literally screaming at everyone else ‘Our uncle is a nonce!’.

“My father was a bit shocked, but William just grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him, shouting ‘He’s a nonce AND you all let it happen – you covered for him – you paid people off – if this whole thing comes crashing down around our ears, it won’t be because Harry and Meghan decided to go to America to stop the Daily Mail going through their bins, it’ll be because Andrew decided he rather liked noncing it up on a billionaire’s private island!

“It was quite a tense moment, and my grandmother just sat there taking it all in.

“I’m sure to some people though, all of the monarchy’s problems will be laid squarely at the feet of my wife and I for daring to walk away, rather than at the feet of my Uncle and all his years of noncery.”