We read the latest blockbuster ‘Twitter Files’ release about the banning of Donald Trump, so you don’t have to – this is what it said

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Twitter released the latest batch of files overnight relating to the permanent ban of Donald Trump on the 8th of January 2020; we read them, so you don’t have to.

The summary:

1. Twitter has a very large number of terms and conditions to which users agree when they sign up to post Tweets. These terms and conditions dictate the things that you are allowed to do and say on their platform. They explicitly ban some of the more awful things you can probably think of, and quite rightly so.

2. No one at Twitter thought to explicitly ban ‘incitement to insurrection’ in the terms and conditions, because, well, it was 2020, and who in their right mind would have foreseen that as a genuinely problematic use of the platform and something they needed to include in the terms and conditions?

3. A very prominent Twitter user made use of the platform to incite insurrection.

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4. Twitter execs and employees had many thoughtful and lengthy conversations about the person who incited insurrection on Twitter. These conversations were lengthy because incitement to insurrection wasn’t explicitly banned on the platform.

5. Twitter decided ‘incitement to insurrection’ SHOULD be banned on the platform, and decided, therefore, to ban the high profile user who had engaged in it.

6. That’s it. Everything else is noise.

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