Christmas ruined as Chris Rea’s car fails MOT

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Further proof that this year has been the worst on record has emerged after singer Chris Rea confirmed that his 2010 Ford Focus has failed its MOT due to damaged suspension.

The singer is now faced with the prospect of finding an alternative mode of transport to get him home this Christmas.

“I put the Focus in for its usual MOT at a garage in London I always use. I couldn’t believe it when the mechanic phoned to say that it was a few miles short of a catastrophic engine failure,” said the 71-year-old singer.

“He said the suspension is knackered, probably due to all the potholes in the roads. They’ve got the parts on order but it will be at least another week before they turn up and they can fit them.

“This is typical of 2022. First, it was Russia being a massive arse, then it was the cost of living crisis, then it was the whole Trussterf**k period, and now this.

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“It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, it looks like it could be the train back to Middlesbrough for me this year, or if it’s not running a bloody National Express bus.”

Mr Rea admits that he is considering taking his car back from the garage and risking the long drive home for Christmas.

“Well, that’s up to him,” says mechanic Simon Williams.

“But unless he wants this year’s Christmas song to be Hitching Home for Christmas From Just North of South Mimms Services’ then I’d advise him to leave it with us for a bit.”

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