Nadhim Zahawi’s horses are being kept nice and warm, government reassures worried taxpayers

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News this morning that the stables on Nadhim Zahawi’s estate in Warwickshire are still being well-heated during this cold snap has brought relief to concerned members of the public.

With freezing temperatures and snowfall across the land over the last twenty-four hours, the nation’s thoughts have turned to the horses owned by the Minister without portfolio, who previously claimed back the heating bill for the stables on expenses.

“Oh God, I hope the stable those horses are in is still being well heated,” said Simon Williams, a plumber from Coventry, through chattering teeth.

“When Nadhim Zahawi claimed £5822.27 on expenses to heat those stables, it made it pretty clear to us that they are our responsibility as members of the public, and since then we’ve all been worried sick with every cold spell that descends on the country.”

A government spokesman told the press this morning, “The stables at Nadhim’s estate are very warm, thank you for asking.

“Whether or not the public will have to pay for them to be heated has not yet been decided, but we thank all the taxpayers for their concern at this very cold time.”

He added, “We would like to thank the public also for paying for Mr Zahawi’s second home – where he is staying at the moment – to be heated.

“Nothing says ‘we are all in this together’ more than taxpayer’s money keeping MPs and their livestock warm and cosy.”