Harry and Meghan are singularly responsible for the downfall of the monarchy, insists man who looks a lot like Prince Andrew with a moustache

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Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are singularly responsible for the potential downfall of the monarchy, according to a familiar-looking concerned citizen this morning.

Dave, who told us he is a “working man” with “a proper working man’s job with wages and everything”, told us he was extremely disappointed in Harry and Meghan, and that if the monarchy should fall in the next few years, then it will be 100% their fault.

“Like most of the country, I think they’ve behaved terribly,” he went on.

“Whenever you think of members of the royal family who have brought the Windsor name into disrepute, it is those two that you immediately think of, isn’t it?

“There nerve of them. Going out there making a living by saying things to people in front of a camera. It’s disgusting. Everyone knows that the correct way for the royal family to go about their business is in the shadows, away from prying eyes and reliable witnesses.

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“I just hope that when the inevitable happens, and the monarchy falls because the public’s opinion of them is so very poor, everyone will remember who was to blame for that happening. Harry and Meghan.

“Harry and Meghan.”