Free speech enthusiast pretty keen for Harry and Meghan to shut the f**k up

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A free speech enthusiast who believes people should be free to say whatever they want, whenever they want, has today said it’s about time that Harry and Meghan shut the f**k up.

Simon Williams, who reveres precisely the sort of people you think he would, said he’d heard quite enough from Harry and Meghan thank you very much, and they should now shut their stupid faces.

Williams explained, “Free speech is the primary building block of a reliable democratic society, but enough is enough. It’s time for these two to scurry back into their little hole and keep their mouths shut.

“How dare they use their free speech to say things I disagree with – AND to say them on a massive platform that ensures their words will be heard by literally millions of people. It’s outrageous.

“And don’t tell me I could just turn them off, or stop reading things about them, or stop buying any newspaper that has them on the front cover, because that’s now the point. The point is THEY should stop talking, not that I should stop listening.

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“Don’t you know anything about free speech?”