Roy Keane really going to miss those funny little Brazilian dances

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Former footballer and current World Cup commentator Roy Keane has announced his disappointment now that he will no longer get to see the Brazilian team doing their funny little dances.

After Brazil were knocked out on penalties by Croatia, Keane told those in the studio how disappointed he was to see them leave the tournament.

Keane told viewers, “Such a shame. They seem such nice, respectful lads. I’m sure they can do themselves a little jig to cheer themselves up.

“Look, I feel for the fans, I really do. They’ve been denied the opportunity to see a few more contrived choreographed moves. Some of them paid a lot of money for that. It’s them I feel for.

“The Brazil team has let down millions of dance fans, and they’ll have to deal with that when they look in the mirror tomorrow.

“It’s all part of being a professional footballer. They’ll have to dust themselves down and come back stronger. Maybe with some new moves. A nice little lambada perhaps?”