NASA’s Orion capsule returning to Earth from the Moon passed by Harry Kane’s penalty

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NASA’s Orion capsule, which is due to land back on Earth tomorrow, has been passed on its journey back from the moon by Harry Kane’s penalty.

The penalty, which left Earth’s atmosphere at approximately 8:50 pm this evening, is now accelerating towards the Moon at an ever-increasing rate.

A NASA spokesperson told us, “We have extensively mapped all of the space debris surrounding the Earth to ensure an incident-free return to the planet for the Orion mission, but we hadn’t anticipated England’s World Cup quarter-final with France.

“The Kane penalty certainly caught us unaware, but after some rapid calculations, we were able to stay on our planned course back to Earth and wave to the ball as it went by us on its own trip towards the Moon.

“I don’t think it will be following us back to Earth any time soon however, and I’d expect it to be out of the solar system entirely by Easter.”

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