After days of cold weather, pigs delighted to hear they’ll soon be getting blankets

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After several nights of cold weather, Britain’s pigs are delighted to learn they’ll soon be getting blankets to help them keep warm.

Pigs, who spend much of the day outdoors rooting around in the mud for anything tasty they might turn up, have had concerns about the change in the temperature recently and hope the pending blankets are good thick warm ones.

“I overheard the farmer say how all my family would be getting blankets as he led them away the other day,” said pig Snouty Williams.

”All wrapped up and warm, he said, and with plenty of apple stuffing, so it’s nice to know they’re being well fed on fruit.

”Obviously I’m disappointed he didn’t take me as well, but he said the other day I’ll either be wrapped in a blanket or roasty-toasty at new year so it’ll soon be my turn.

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”It’s really chilly out here, so I can’t wait.”

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