NewsThump NFTs! For ten grand, you can own a unique NFT of this story, as far as you know

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NewsThump Needs Your Help

NewsThump is moving into NFTs, whatever they are.

For the very reasonable price of £10,000 you can own a unique NFT of this story, or the picture associated with this story. Is that how it works? I don’t know, but then, who does, right?

Whatever. For ten grand, you’ll get the right to go around saying that you’ve got an NFT of this NewsThump story and that no one else has an NFT of this story and – as far as you know – you will be right wen you say that.

Simon Williams is an idiot. He declared himself excited by the developments.

“I’m really bored of having money, so I absolutely love NFTs, they’re great,” he said.

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“I absolutely can’t wait to give a bunch of internet chancers loads of my money and then get an NFT and then, you know, I’ll be able to look at my NFT and feel really good about it I suppose. I don’t know. My life is so empty.”

To reserve a NewsThump NFT of one of our stories, just leave your bank details in the comments section of your preferred social media platform, and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll probably do a cryptocurrency next, so if you’re particularly stupid, why not start saving up for some ThumpCoins and we’ll start flipping through the Lamborghini catalogue.