Communal canteen sugar bowl now 74% coffee granules

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A communal canteen sugar bowl is now 74% coffee granules it has been revealed today.

The container, which was filled with sugar at the start of the week, was noted to be largely just coffee bits earlier after being completely ruined by selfish coffee drinkers who only think of themselves.

Tea drinker Simon Williams, who just wants a sugar in his tea, told us, “Do they do it on purpose?”

“All I want is a nice cup of tea with a sugar in it – sugar that isn’t essentially coffee.

“Instead my only option appears to be a cup of tea AND coffee with a tiny amount of sugar, which basically tastes like shit.

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“Can coffee drinkers not perhaps put the sugar in their cup first to avoid ruining the bowl?  Or maybe rinse the coffee off the spoon before putting it IN the bowl?

“Instead of just assuming everyone just likes having sugar mixed with coffee granules in their cup like the selfish lazy sods they are.

“I’m going to rip open a tea bag and just tip it in there to see how they f**king like it. 

“Or maybe I’ll just pick the bits of coffee out whilst tutting very loudly.”