‘Stop shoving your virtue-signal kneeling down my throat’ insists England football fan during match’s 58th gambling advert

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A football fan has today expressed his annoyance at a brief anti-discrimination gesture being shoved down his throat for about five seconds ahead of each England match at the World Cup, despite having no issue whatsoever with the fifty-eight gambling ads that will be beamed directly into his brain during the following two hours.

Simon Williams, a stay-at-home Millwall fan, told reporters that he was sick of having virtue-signalling shoved down his throat before each and every match, insisting those five seconds will end up making society much worse.

He told us, “The kneeling isn’t about racism; it’s about a dangerous left-wing ideology that is trying to turn everyone communist – that’s what the man in the YouTube video said, and what reason would he have to lie to me about it?

“Virtue-signalling is corrupting this nation’s young people, and this kneeling before games must be stopped. If my booing players that kneel helps to speed that along, then great!”

When asked how five seconds of solidarity with victims of discrimination and racism was definitely corrupting people, but the twenty minutes of gambling adverts during the game isn’t, Williams was dismissive.

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He went on, “Gambling adverts aren’t doing that though. How could they? How could lovable ‘ol Ray Winstone yelling ‘GAMBLE!’ at five million television owners possibly have a detrimental effect on anyone?

“No, I think it’s pretty clear that five seconds of kneeling in support of marxism is far more harmful to society than twenty minutes of people being loudly encouraged to give their money to bookmakers of all shapes and sizes.

“Which is why I’ll happily continue booing anyone who kneels before a game. Well, those I can still afford to watch as I’m actually quite skint this month as none of my big accumulators came in.”