Gordon’s release roast turkey and stuffing infused gin for Christmas

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Gordon’s have released a new limited edition of their popular gin for Christmas that is infused with the flavours of roast turkey and stuffing.

“People love gin and tonic, but what they love even more than gin and tonic is gin and tonic that doesn’t taste like gin and tonic,” explained Gordon Gordonson from Gordon’s.

“Lemon gin and tonic, Elderflower gin and tonic. Do you know, I even noticed we do a tropical passionfruit flavoured gin? How mad is that? What are we like.

“So, anyway, people love all that sort of nonsense. So, we thought we’d do something for Christmas. Originally, we were going to just do a cranberry flavoured gin and have done with that, but we thought no, what would go even better with a Roast Turkey than a cranberry gin and tonic? A roast turkey and stuffing gin and tonic. It really does make a wonderful accompaniment to a traditional Christmas dinner.

“I mean, I haven’t personally tried it, sounds ghastly, but we have sound marketing research that shows that backs all this up.”

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Simon Williams is a gin fan and the sort of bloke marketers love.

“Roast turkey and stuffing gin,” he exclaimed happily, “I’m definitely going to get some of that. Oh no, it’s a limited edition, I’d better move fast or it might run out.”

Gordons recommend the new roast turkey and stuffing infused gin is served with Schweppes new special edition roast potato flavoured tonic.