Local coffee shop introduces new ‘hot water and disappointment’ flavour

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In a move that has surprised customers, local coffee shop Brew Ha Ha has announced its latest flavour offering: hot water and disappointment.

According to the manager, Simone Williams, the new flavour was developed after extensive market research showed that customers were looking for a more “authentic” coffee experience in the current economic and social climate.

Williams explained, “We found that people were getting bored of all the over-the-top, sugary flavours that have become so common in the coffee industry.

“They wanted something more real, more genuine, more reflective of the world we now inhabit. That’s where the idea for hot water and disappointment came from.”

The new flavour is said to be made from 100% pure water, heated to the perfect temperature for maximum disappointment. It comes in a plain white cup with no additional toppings or flavourings, allowing customers to truly appreciate the taste of disappointment.

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Some critics have called the new flavour “pointless” and “lacking in creativity,” but Williams insists that it is a bold move that will set them apart from their competitors.

“We want to challenge the way people think about coffee,” she said.

“Coffee that reflects your mood is the future of the industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of it.”