New Hunter Biden revelations cast doubt on the integrity of every single vote ever cast for Hunter Biden

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As Twitter CEO Elon Musk released evidence that Twitter sought to remove allegations against Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, experts suggest that it raises questions on the validity of every single vote that was cast for Hunter Biden in the 2020 election cycle.

As many Republicans continue to insist that Hunter Biden and his actions should preclude his Dad from being President, Democratic officials have admitted that it’s probably time we threw out any votes cast for Hunter Biden.

Democrat spokesperson Chuck Williams told us, “Hunter Biden has proven time and again to be unreliable, and more than a bit of a dick, so I am hereby calling for a bipartisan effort to audit the votes in the 2020 presidential election, to ensure that any votes that were cast for Hunter Biden are immediately dismissed and removed from the count.

“All of them. Every single vote for Hunter Biden should be discounted. Not a single vote for that man should have helped the Democratic party in their historic and comprehensive victory over Donald Trump and the Republicans.

“Should that audit make a difference to the eventual result of the election, then so be it – we will live with the consequences, but if it does not, then perhaps the right-wing of the Republican party can crawl out of Donald Trump’s fetid arsehole and find time to do some actual governing?”

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump Junior has insisted that sons should always be their own man, and not “trade on their father’s name”, which he claims Hunter Biden has done on many occasions.

However, Trump Jnr was stumped when asked to point to a single line on his CV that wasn’t the direct result of a job offer from his Dad.

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