Woman secures 20% Black Friday discount after wasting 50% of her day shopping for deals

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A woman is celebrating this afternoon after securing a 20% discount on a product she didn’t need, and the fact that it only cost her 50% of her day looking for it.

Joanna Williams, 35, of Bracknell, spent the best part of her morning browsing Black Friday deals before settling on a new food mixer for the kitchen – which she doesn’t need, and didn’t even know existed three hours ago.

“It’s such a great deal – 20% off – you can’t really pass that up, can you?” she asked, seemingly unaware that you can, in fact, easily pass it up.

“It’s only cost me pretty much my morning to find it too, which is a bargain,” she added, while failing to understand simple economic concepts such as ‘opportunity cost’.

“I’ve now got quite a lot of work to catch up on at some point, but it was definitely worth it.

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“Yes it was, shut up.”

Meanwhile, sellers of old stock online have welcomed this year’s Black Friday event as consumers continue to buy things they don’t need for sums they can’t afford, using time they don’t have.

Online retailer Jake Matthews told us, “I’ve got a load of old kitchen equipment that is absolutely state of the art – well, it was when it was released in 2012.

“It’s been superseded by loads of stuff since then. Still, at this time of year, I can drop it by 20%, call it a Black Friday deal and some mug will definitely buy it.

“In fact, I’ve just sold this dusty old thing to some dumb bint in Bracknell.”