Researchers reveal Black Friday emails currently make up 99.74% of all worldwide correspondence

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Emails about Black Friday offers are now making up more than 99.7% of all worldwide correspondence it is revealed today.

With the average person now receiving up to 4 million emails an hour about so-called Back Friday ‘sales’ because they once bought something online, the percentage of correspondence that isn’t Black Friday related has dramatically dropped to an all-time low of just 0.26% of ALL correspondence worldwide.

Correspondence expert and mathematician Simon Williams revealed, “It’s true, the number of items of correspondence that aren’t Black Friday related is barely perceptible given the overall numbers involved.

“The average person is now receiving up to 100 million emails per day trying to sell them Black Friday deals because they once bought something online, and ended up giving their email address at the checkout.

“This number rises significantly if you happen to have shopped at Sports Direct or Currys at any point, ever, in the history of your time on this planet.

“Obviously this number is likely to increase further as Black Friday enters its last few hours and Amazon start to up their game for all the tat they’ve been unable to shift, and we could see a situation where less than 0.000001% of emails are NOT about Black Friday by early evening.

“The rate of Black Friday emails will finally start to fall tomorrow, through late December and January, to be replaced by emails from Jet2 and Tui with ‘amazing’ holiday deals.”