Kanye West unveils electoral platform of unbridled narcissism and twattish attention-seeking

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Kanye West launched his campaign for the presidency by giving the American public a taste of the tedious attention-whoring dross he is going to inflict on the world for the next few months, or until his album is released.

Dressed in some cretinous garb he thinks is deeply symbolic, the man formerly known as ‘C*nt Who Raps Well’ began his foray into politics by jumping up and down and saying horrible things about Civil Rights heroes until enough people looked at him.

Although most people believe this is nothing more than a transparent attempt to drum up publicity for whatever tat he is flogging at the moment, some psychologists did make a half-hearted attempt to analyse the ex-Mr Kardashian’s latest predictable tantrum.

As explained by Dr Simon Williams, Clinical Psychologist at the Croydon Royal Infirmary, “Well it’s possible that some sort of deep-seated trauma combined with some parental issues have caused a mental breakdown where he is genuinely possessed by messianic delusions.

“Some people with extreme PTSD can undergo spiritual awakenings and are driven by some desperate need to share their insights.

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“But honestly, it’s more likely to be yet another money-making scheme from an increasingly irrelevant artist. Let’s face it, his last good song was Runaway and nowadays he is better known for being Donald Trump’s only black friend than for his music.

“If you really want to see his twattery as something deeply revealing then, at a pinch, you could ascribe his behaviour to the fact that, for all his hits, he is now relegated to being Kim Kardashian’s second most famous arse.”