Football fan finds way to enjoy the full Budweiser experience in Qatar by filling his glass from the tap

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Football fan Simon Williams has found a way to enjoy the full Budweiser experience in Qatar, despite a ban on drinking in stadiums, by filling his pink glass from the nearest tap.

“It’s just like the real thing!” explained an excited Williams.

“I can’t believe FIFA haven’t found a way to close this loophole yet, I’ve drunk pints of the stuff, and it just keeps coming. If I close my eyes it’s really easy to convince myself I’m enjoying a pint of Budweiser in the desert.”

Williams said that after spreading the word, fellow football fans were now similarly enjoying the Budweiser experience in Qatar

“I got my fellow supporters in the fan village to try the taste test, much like the old coke and Pepsi taste test. A pint of Budweiser for £12, and a pint of water out of the tap, for free.

“Out of a dozen blindfolded football fans who faced the challenge, seven of them picked the tap water as America’s favourite lager.”

Williams explained there were other benefits to his new ‘hack’.

He went on, “When we throw our pints in the air to celebrate a goal, our clothes don’t all need washing, they actually get cleaner.

“But the best bit of all, I haven’t had a single hangover yet!”

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