Man who had no issue with Qatar’s stance on homosexuality now appalled at the “despicable and cruel regime” charging £12 for a Budweiser 

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Football fan Simon Williams has felt the need to speak out against the despicable Qatari regime that is charging football fans £12 for a Budweiser.

Williams, who has travelled all over the world following the England team, had come to terms with Qatar’s demonisation of homosexuals because “it doesn’t affect me at all”, but has now found himself looking upon the middle-eastern country with renewed scepticism.

He told us, “What sort of third-world backwater charges £12 for a pin of bud? BUD!?

“They might as well be living in the dark ages. I can’t believe that in 2022 there are countries that still treat people like this. It’s not even a premium product!

“People who like a beer should be treated the same as anyone else. The Qataris might say it’s a lifestyle choice, but I’d argue I was born this way – I like a beer, and is that really such a bad thing?

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“How is my decision to enjoy a cold lager while watching the football in any way affecting your ability to enjoy your life however you want to? Do I – as a lager drinker – come over there telling you that your tea with three sugars is an abomination? No, I do not. You do you. I’ll do me.

“Whichever God it is your pray to, I GUARANTEE he thinks it’s a sin to charge £12 for Budweiser.”

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