Qatar ends sponsorship deal with David Beckham after discovering he is a metrosexual

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Qatari officials have been quick to end their World Cup sponsorship deal with former England captain and football icon David Beckham, after discovering he is a well-known metrosexual.

Qatari World Cup official Syed Al-Williams told us, “In Qatar, such perversions are not well received.

“If we had known that Mr Beckham was a metrosexual, we would never have paid for his services.

“It was never made clear to us that he enjoyed such things as excessive personal grooming and fashion, because if it was, we would never have given him all that money to say nice things about us.

“Frankly, being promoted by a metrosexual is precisely the opposite of what we want here in Qatar. How can we expect the reputation of Qatar to improve when we are giving all this money to a man who plucks his eyebrows?

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“We want men to be men, like real men, doing manly men things. Men stuff.

“No, this thobe is nothing like a dress, shut up.”

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