Man grateful to be distracted from crippling cost of living crisis by impending World War III

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A man is relieved and grateful today after being distracted from the crippling cost of living crisis and looming recession, by the impending third world war.

Simon Williams, who hasn’t got a pot to piss in, and can’t afford the heating, revealed his gratitude earlier after watching the news about Russia possibly firing missiles into Poland and suddenly forgetting he was skint. 

Speaking earlier, he told us, “Yeah, the old impending nuclear war took my mind off being cold and hungry for a bit, which was nice.

“Obviously the fear of being obliterated by nuclear bombs really makes you think, and also lose some sleep.

“So it’s a real treat to have something else to worry about, rather than impending financial ruin and possibly losing my home.

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“Wondering if we would either be killed instantly or face a long and painful demise in a harrowing nuclear winter is a really great distraction. 

“I just hope something else comes along as well to really get my mind racing… OOOH climate change!!”

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