Low-quality supporter accommodation at Qatar World Cup proves local officials also happy to treat straight people with utter contempt

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Fan accommodation at the Qatar World Cup has evoked images of second world war prisoner of war camps, proving once and for all that it’s not just homosexuals that Qatar holds in complete contempt.

As fans are set to begin arriving in the host country, the first images have been revealed of the accommodation they will call ‘home’ for the duration of their stay.

Fan Simon Williams told us, “Yes, it looks horrific, but honestly, I was quite relieved.

“I mean, to see that we’d paid a fortune for such sub-standard accommodation where we’ll be treated like disposable economic consumption units, rather than human beings, means it’s not just the gays they despise. It’s straight people too. In fact, it’s any people by the looks of it.

“Charging me £200 a night to sleep in what is basically a shipping container feels like they really must hate me. And I’m a straight white man from a western country, so they probably hate everyone.

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“Well, unless you happen to be extremely rich, or famous. Then you get treated okay I suppose. They really seem to like David Beckham, who is both, obviously.

“Look, I’m no fan of discrimination, in any form, but is it really discrimination if they clearly hate all westerners and not just the gay ones?

“Next time someone gay complains about discrimination here, at least I’ll be able to tell them I now know how it feels.

“Yes, I’m confident that will make them feel better.”

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