New Public Service Broadcasting record to be based around Hi-De-Hi

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In a surprising thematic shift, the new Public Service Broadcasting record will be based around the hit 1980s sitcom Hi-De-Hi.

The popular group are known for setting archive audio footage to rock, funk, and pop music. In the past, records have been themed around the Space race, Berlin, and the collapse of the coal-mining industry. This would be the first time the group have ventured into the world of 1980s sitcoms.

“It was Gladys Pugh saying ‘Hello Campers’ that I simply couldn’t get out of my head,” explained J. Wilgoose, Esq – guitarist and bandleader.

“I started to create this dramatic dark rock instrumental based around the xylophone jingle she plays that reaches this really dramatic climax with a brief moment of silence before ‘Hello Campers’ booms out from the speakers and music kicks back in. I’m really proud of it.”

Wilgoose admits that it became hard to avoid writing a whole album of Hi-De-Hi based music.

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“It’s certainly a very rich seam,” he continued.

“After ‘Hello Campers’ I jumped straight on to a high-energy call-and-response dance song called ‘Hi-De-Hi, Ho-De-Ho.’ ‘Don’t tell Mrs Cathcart’ is a spooky, almost jazzy piece about chalet maid Peggy. Then there’s what’s become the centrepiece of the album, a big, epic funk piece called ‘Berk’ based around a sample of Ted’s line – ‘You great clumsy berk.’ Then the whole thing ends with a hip-hop version of ‘Holiday Rock’.

“It was perhaps the easiest record I’ve written. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as inspired by something as Hi-de-Hi, certainly the Space Race didn’t come close anyway.”

After touring the record, supported by Su Pollard on a banjo, the band will start work on a follow-up record based around either Sorry or Home to Roost.