Brexiters unhappy as France fails to take control of British borders

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France choosing to manage its own border in any way it sees fit is an outrageous affront to democracy, according to Brexiters this week.

As channel crossings continue to rise, despite lots of people trying to get famous by being angry about it, Brexiters have insisted that France is duty-bound to do a better job of protecting British borders, because that’s what they voted for.

Brexit supporter Derek Williams told us, “I voted for Brexit so we could have sovereign control of our borders – NOT so that France could have sovereign control of THEIRS.

“I think it’s outrageous that France should have ANY say in how we want them to manage our border. It’s OUR border, and so they should just bloody well do as we say. We shouldn’t have to pay them to do as they’re told!

“What I want – no, what I voted for – is to keep out all of the people I don’t like. And that isn’t what happened, so it must be the fault of the French, because there is no scenario in which I can mentally reconcile that voting for Brexit was never going to deliver the things I wanted. So like I said, it’s all France’s fault.”

Meanwhile, non-morons have shaken their head slowly before sighing a response.

As one explained, “France is a sovereign country, and can do what it likes with its border. They are under no obligation to help us secure ours, even if you want that to be true.

“They have offered – many times – to put a UK asylum processing centre on their side of the channel, which would stop most of the channel crossings immediately.

“BUT – then we’d have to actually process some asylum applications, and we know most of them are genuine applications, so we’d have to take those asylum seekers in – and that will not play well with the Brexiters.

“So it’s much better to pretend this is all the fault of the French while maintaining the illusion that Brexit wasn’t a demonstrable crock of shit.

“But hey, why let a little thing like reality hold you back from blaming everyone except yourself for your idiotic decision to leave the EU.”

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