Shock as man who said he was doing #NoNutNovember seen eating a bag of peanuts

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Accounts clerk Simon Williams, who was overheard in the kitchen telling a colleague he was taking part in #NoNutNovember, has been seen eating peanuts this afternoon, according to reports.

Colleagues of Williams have been left shocked by his apparent lack of willpower.

Claims handler Dierde Matthews, told us, “It’s not like he asked for sponsorship or anything, but someone overheard him saying he was doing it, and then a few hours later there he was – brazenly eating peanuts.

“That’s the problem with young people these days, no staying power. I had a good mind to report him to whichever allergy charity is running #NoNutNovember to point out his hypocrisy.

“But when I googled the hashtag all I got were a load of links to men doing everything they could to avoid talking about nuts. And using the acronym ‘fap’, which I assume means ‘f*ck all peanuts’?

“It was all very confusing, the social media team at that charity could do with some coaching I think.”

Meanwhile, Simon has denied failing in his quest insisting, “peanuts are technically legumes”.

“As for the other thing, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”