After Elon Musk insists ‘tricking people on Twitter is not OK’ the Daily Mail updates handle to include the word ‘misinformation’

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Twitter boss Elon Musk has spoken out once again against Twitter accounts that try to deceive people – no, not those ones, the ones making jokes.

Musk said that anyone making jokes that morons might not recognise as jokes should add the word ‘parody’ to their username to avoid tricking idiots, and experts warn it is now only a matter of time before this policy is adopted across the board.

A spokesperson for the Daily Mail social media team told us, “Elon has spoken, and clearly he is unhappy about people using Twitter to trick morons into believing things that aren’t real. Deceiving morons is literally our mission statement, they are our core demographic, so obviously we’re paying attention.

“Elon is well known for changing things on a whim and punishing his users with little warning, and that could include us at any moment.

“As a consequence, we are obviously concerned for our long-term Twitter future, and as such, we are taking the proactive step to add ‘misinformation’ to the end of our Twitter handle.

“We’ve also updated our hashtags to include #Misinformation #NotRealNews and #WeAreTryingToTrickYou. We are confident that in the new Twitter era, this will ensure we are safe from sanctions.”

However, one of the seven remaining Twitter staff told us, “The Daily Mail really doesn’t need to worry, and neither does Fox News and any of the political propaganda machines of the right.

“Dealing with that type of misinformation is really not a priority, we are only worried about misinformation if it can be used to mock Elon himself.

“If it’s only being used to subvert democracy or threaten the nation’s health, then that’s fine.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader) – get your mug here!