Facebook to start charging for ‘Likes’

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Facebook is to begin charging users for likes, it has been revealed today.

With news emerging yesterday that Meta, which owns Facebook, is to cut 13% of its workforce, further news has now emerged that users of Facebook will also be expected to pay $8 to like a picture of somebody else’s lunch. 

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed, “If Twitter can successfully charge people for things that were previously free, then so can we.

“We have decided to start charging for Likes in order to get in some much-needed revenue, and because Twitter is charging for that blue tick thing.

“People will now have to pay $8 dollars in order to like a picture, and a discounted rate of just $6 if they wish to like a status or comment.

“They will also have to pay a flat rate of $8 in order to MAKE a comment, so if they end up liking and commenting on somebody else’s picture, it will actually cost them $16.

“But we might make that $15 as part of a 2-for-1 offer thing, we haven’t quite decided. 

“Oh and sharing things too, we need to start charging for that, we’ll let people know how much after they have done it.”

Asked if users will be charged for actually posting a picture themselves or updating their own status we were told, “No, that will be free. For the first two weeks.”