Republicans report worrying number of instances of minorities being able to vote

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There are increasing concerns over the legitimacy of a number of elections in the US mid-terms as Republicans claim they have evidence of countless incidents in which minorities were able to vote.

“Look here, this is a video from Woodfield,” said Grinch Bastard, a leading racist from Monroe County.

“Here you see a black woman walk in through the doors and into the voting booth completely unchallenged. No one even raises a gun. It looks like Democrat activists have gained control of this polling station and are letting minorities vote with impunity.

“We’re seeing instances like this all over Ohio and, I’d imagine, all over America. Blacks, Hispanics, people with suspicious accents – just voting as they please. This could well be the most corrupt election since the last one we lost.”

Although there is no explicit ban on minorities voting in America, there have been countless measures put in place to prevent them from doing so, including strict ID laws, excessive dress codes and an unwritten requirement to be white.

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“No, there isn’t an explicit law to prevent them voting, but come on fella, of course they shouldn’t be voting. Letting them vote is just Democrat corruption, YET again.”

Armed with this evidence, many Republicans have pledge to contest the results of these midterms. 

Unless they win, of course, in which case it’s fine.