Office worker who told colleague to ‘slit their own throat’ given slightly smaller desk as punishment

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An office worker who told a colleague to ‘slit their own throat’ at work has been given a slightly smaller desk in the office as punishment, it has been revealed today. 

Simon Williams, who also told workers to ‘jump out of the window’ and kill themselves, moved desks earlier after bravely offering to do so this morning in a letter to his boss.

Speaking earlier he confirmed, “I have resigned from my position. Well, I say resigned, I still work here, obviously. And I’m still being paid by the company. I’ve just moved desks really, to a slightly smaller one in a different part of the office. 

“I will still be paid a very handsome salary, and I can continue to work largely as I did before without actually having to explain myself, which is a fitting punishment I feel.

“But I will need to move a bit closer to the back of the office, with a slightly smaller desk, despite telling someone to actually slit their own throat in a message.

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“It is right that I should pay for my actions, and the company has said that they take any instances of bullying in the workplace extremely seriously.

“That’s why I have taken this action to inform my boss that I am leaving – my current area of the office – and working a few meters away. 

“I hope that this draws a line under the matter and we can all now put it behind us.

“And if it doesn’t, then you can go an jump out of a f**king window you piece of shit.”