Nurses are ‘far too important to be allowed to strike’ insists man who also believes they’re not important enough to be paid properly

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Nurses should not be allowed to take strike action because they are too important to the nation’s health, according to a man who simultaneously believes they aren’t important enough to be given a proper pay rise.

After Royal College of Nursing members voted for strike action that will affect half of all hospitals – but that will ensure emergency care is unaffected – Simon Williams was quick to brand their decision “disgusting”.

He went on, “They are supposed to look after us when we get sick. Their job is an essential service that any one of us could require at any time. It’s so important, in fact, that I think we should legislate to prevent nurses from ever going on strike.

“Workers who are essential to the smooth running and ongoing health of our country should not be allowed to strike.

“What’s that? Should we then give them an inflation-matching pay rise? Well, no, of course not. They’re not that important. I think a pay rise of about half the rate of inflation is about right, considering their importance. I want them to be earning less in real terms, just not a lot less.

“They are important enough that striking should be banned in case it affects me in any way, but not important enough that I’d consider paying a fraction of a penny more in income tax to fund their pay increase.

“Hope that clears it up.”