NewsThump to release Christmas TV advert

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In the hope of drumming up more sheep-like subscribers, it has been announced that the bleeding heart liberal echo chamber and website, NewsThump, is to launch a Christmas TV advert.

With festive adverts for supermarkets having become a talking point at this time of the year, second-rate ‘satire’ site NewsThump hopes that the advert will increase the number of site visitors and subscribers by appealing to similarly smug left-leaning ‘comedy’ fans.

Senior editor Simon Williams explained, “It’s been a tricky year or two for satire, what with a government that regularly out-satires satire itself while stooping to new depths of stupidity, making it harder for us to use exaggeration to make a satirical point.

“Couple that with the change in social media algorithms lumping satire in with ‘fake news’ so fewer people see our stories in the first place, and you can see why we’ve been struggling.”

He added, “We don’t have a lot of money, so our TV advert will only last five seconds and will only be shown on the Horror Channel and Movies4Men on Freeview.

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“It will feature the NewsThump logo with the words ‘Are you a leftie libtard snowflake with a spare five minutes? One in ten of our articles might make you chuckle for eight micro-seconds’.

“We’re confident we might get up to a dozen more subscribers from this, so it’s money well spent.”

The advert is scheduled to air just once, on December 26th.

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