Man can’t wait to give his personal and payment details to chaotic understaffed website that is desperately looking for new ways to make cash

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Free speech extremist Simon Williams can’t wait to give Twitter his personal and payment details, insisting there is no better place to put all of this valuable personal information than into a platform currently reducing its security staff in a desperate driver for revenue.

Simon Williams, who had amassed 47 followers following three years of tweets about ‘the merits of libertarianism’ and the ‘dangers of the cancer of socialism, is excited to become verified on Twitter for £7.99 a month and bring his ‘unique’ opinions to a whole new audience.

He told us, “I believe in free speech, which is why I am going to give money – and all of my personal information – to a website that supports those ideals.

“People keep saying ‘how can you be sure your details will be safe when Elon has fired half the staff who ran that place’, and to them I say – stop being a communist!

“If the free market wants my personal and payment information to be leaked on the Internet to unscrupulous con artists because the platform I gave it to no longer cares about running everything in a safe and secure way, then so be it.

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“Becoming a victim of online fraud and identity theft is definitely a price worth paying for freedom.”