Tory MP who has had twelve years to take action in helping homeless veterans quite happy pretending it’s all the fault of this year’s asylum seekers

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We can’t take in more asylum seekers when there are homeless veterans on our streets, according to a Tory MP who has spent the last twelve years doing precisely nothing to help those homeless veterans.

Simon Williams, Tory MP for Gammon-upon-Sandwich told us, “We have to put an end to migrants crossing the channel, because there are homeless veterans who need to be helped first.

“And yes, I am well aware that these homeless veterans have existed for the last twelve years, the entire time I’ve been on a Tory MP and sitting on the government’s side of the house, and that we’ve done nothing to help them during that time – but there is a good reason I’ve done nothing to help those veterans in the last twelve years.

“The good reason is that it was politically inconvenient to do so. Veterans are catnip for the low-information simpletons who think migrants are to blame for everything. And if we sorted out social housing so that no veteran was forced to sleep on the streets, what would we use to demonise convenient scapegoats in the future?

Williams went on, “I ask you, what is more disrespectful to our nation’s veterans? Pretending that it’s migrants stopping their homeless brethren from getting a roof over their heads, or using them as a propaganda tool to demonise the sort of vulnerable people they spent their service careers protecting?

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“I ask because I’m perfectly comfortable doing both, I just want to know what best resonates with my core demographic of voters who’ll believe anything as long as it aligns with their pre-existing prejudices.”

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