Matt Hancock’s first bushtucker trial to involve skydiving into the jungle without the appropriate PPE

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Matt Hancock’s first I’m a Celebrity challenge will involve skydiving into the jungle without the appropriate PPE, it has been revealed today. 

With news emerging earlier that Matt Hancock is set to enter the jungle in order to boost his popularity, further news has emerged that the former Health Secretary will be forced to jump out of a plane without the appropriate safety equipment, just to see how he likes it.

Once he lands – because he’ll definitely land – he will be asked to eat a kangaroo’s balls, hopefully every day.

Show insider Simon Williams confirmed, “We will still give him a helmet. We’re not monsters.

“Just not the full appropriate PPE that someone would expect to receive when jumping out of an aeroplane. Such as a parachute. I’m sure he will be very familiar with the idea of management deciding people should risk their lives without the necessary equipment.

Williams went on, “Obviously we are very excited to have Matt Hancock on the show, and we know he will be really popular with the viewers after you know… all the Covid shit.

“So we may have to think of a few little trials catered just for him.

“Like trying not to kill tens of thousands of care home residents, or waste billions of pounds of taxpayers money on useless PPE contracts for his mates.

“But we can just change it around to killing helpless bugs, or wasting stars for his campmates on fake food supplied by a buddy of his – I’m sure Ant and Dec will think of something.”

Asked if he thinks Hancock has a chance of winning the show we were told, “Are you taking the piss?”