Kanye West: I actually quite like the Jews who aren’t part of the evil global cabal that runs everything

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Leading prick Kanye West has attempted to roll back his recent anti-Semitism, claiming that he has no problem with most Jews, it’s just the ones who are part of the evil global cabal who run everything that he doesn’t like.

“Hey, people are saying I’m against the Jews. I’m not,” explained the troubled arsehole.

“Jews are great. Some of my best lawyers are Jews, you know? No, listen. It’s the ones who secretly control everything. The ones who secretly control the governments and the banks and the whole entertainment industry. They are the Jews that I’m against.

“I’m not anti-Semitic or whatever. How can I be if I’m cool with most Jews? And you know what, if it wasn’t the Jews who make up the evil global cabal that runs everything, then I’d still be against the evil global cabal that runs everything. So, you know? I’m cool, right? Not anti-Semitic. So, can I have my Adidas deal back please?”

West’s increasingly erratic behaviour over recent years has led many people to wonder if he wasn’t having mental health issues.

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“I would have thought that’s quite likely,” explained Simon Williams, a mental health expert.

“Doesn’t mean he isn’t also racist dickhead though.”