Suella Braverman apologises after mistakenly carving UK nuclear codes into a pumpkin

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Suella Braverman has apologised today after mistakenly carving the UK nuclear codes into a pumpkin placed outside her house.

With news emerging last week that the Home Secretary sent classified government information from her own personal email, and didn’t bother to report it for hours in case she got into trouble, 

The embarrassing gaffe, which took place over the weekend follows a number of previous security breaches made by the Home Secretary and could result in her actually being sacked from her position, for at least a day or two. 

Speaking earlier she confirmed, “It was a simple mistake.

“I can confirm that over the weekend, whilst carving pumpkins with my children, I inadvertently managed to carve the full UK nuclear codes into one of the pumpkins.

“I then placed this pumpkin outside my home as a spooky Halloween decoration along with a number of government documents meant for my blue recycling bin.

“Obviously this was a minor error in judgement and upon realising my embarrassing mistake, I immediately contacted MI5 and the appropriate government departments to inform them of my error.

“Well after a few hours anyway, because it looked really cool next to my door.”

Asked if she has now removed the pumpkin and managed to hide the codes we were told, “Oh shit… erm… I need to just run home a minute…”

‘Cruella’ Braverman – get the mug here!