Liz Truss ‘hack’ raises fears of security vulnerabilities in Fisher-Price phones

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An urgent investigation has been launched following claims that foreign spies may have hacked Liz Truss’s Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone.

Simple, goofy, and appealing to infantile minds, Liz Truss was foreign secretary at the time of the alleged hack.

The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone has long been a must-have tech accessory for trendy pre-schoolers, and a simplified version was also used by Liz Truss for her official communications. Truss was often seen on the way to cabinet meetings pulling her phone behind her on its string, and throwing a tantrum when it got stuck on the steps.

“The bad news is that foreign spies may have intercepted hundreds of phone calls made by Ms Truss,” said Foreign Office spokesperson Simon Williams.

“The good news is that they were almost all wrong numbers.”

The intercepted communications also include dozens of voicemail messages about economic plans sent to Krazy Karting, described as ‘Britain’s wackiest go-kart venue’.

A spokesperson for Krazy Karting revealed that Ms Truss is, in fact, banned from the racetrack as her constant U-turns posed a hazard to other drivers.

Fisher-Price confirmed that the security flaws in the Chatter Telephone are being investigated by their counterespionage and cyberterrorism department.