Spare – My life as a ten-pin bowler by Prince Harry

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Prince Harry is set to release his memoirs in January, detailing his life as an enthusiastic though amateur ten-pin bowler.

With the publicity-shy Prince once again looking to avoid the limelight by releasing a tell-all book, the provocatively entitled ‘Spare’ will hit the shelves in January telling all about his life on the lanes as a would-be hotshot bowler.

Book critic Simon Williams told us, “I haven’t actually read it, to be honest, but it must be about bowling, right?

“Harry is a keen ten-pin bowler, I would imagine, having gone more than once in his life, or at least having had a go whilst on holiday or something.

“Which is why he has written a book and called it Spare. Surely? Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense really.

“It’s probably a really deep insight to his life and ten-pin bowling and how he comes so close to being the bowler he wants to be, but ultimately fails because his brother is next in line to the throne, or something, probably

“I really should read it, but it’s just going to be really boring, I can tell.

“Anyway it’s out in January, and it will be brilliant, or shit, who cares really?”