Magazines reminded that ‘end of year’ doesn’t occur for several months

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Magazines have been politely reminded that late October is not the end of the year and so Reviews of the Year and Best of lists are perhaps a little premature.

“I’m not really ready to consider if Yard Act’s was the best album of the year, because it’s twenty-two degrees outside, I’m still in shirt sleeves, and we haven’t had Halloween yet,” said Simon Williams, a normal human being who has no desire to reflect on the year in the middle of October.

“I’ve got my cooking magazine giving me a minute-by-minute plan for a perfect Christmas Day Turkey, my old fart music magazine trying to find a Bob Dylan album to say is the best of the year and a movie magazine telling me the best Christmas films to watch.

“I’ve got the bloody windows open and I’m still wearing shorts!”

Eleanor Gay is the editor The Cutting, a popular video game magazine.

“I’ll be honest, we’ve run out of ideas for magazines this year. We’ve done a Best Ever Game list, a big preview of upcoming games, and a couple of others on games that would make nice covers and that’s it. We’re done.

“We were thinking of doing a big feature on old games from the eighties, but we’ve already done two of them this year, so we figured we might cut our losses and just bang out the end-of-year issue and hope no one notices.”

The trend is set to continue next year with many magazines planning an Easter Special in January, a Summer bonanza at the end of March and an end-of-year review issue in June, so people have something to read on holiday.