‘Leaky Sue’ Braverman accidentally tweets nuclear codes

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Following the controversial reappointment of Ms Braverman as Home Secretary, a week after she resigned for a security breach, Braverman has accidentally released nuclear launch codes via a tweet from her personal account. 

This is the latest in a long line of errors that have caused friction amongst some Tory members who believe she could be a threat to national security. 

Defending her appointment, Primer Minister Rishi Sunk said that Braverman had ‘learnt from her mistake’.

However, an official statement from No. 10 said that the Prime Minister takes this latest breach extremely seriously and reports suggest that he has issued Ms Braverman with 500 lines stating ‘I must not tweet nuclear launch codes’.

Braverman’s tweet garnered a lot of attention, not least from President Putin who responded with ‘LOL’, while the official MI5 account replied with a rolling eye emoji.  

There has currently been no comment from the Home Secretary, but her official spokesperson said that she has since deleted the post, changed her password and written the new one in permanent marker on the back of her hand.