Katie Hopkins digs out old notebook full of hateful bile in anticipation of Twitter return

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After Elon Musk finally completed his Twitter takeover, an excited Katie Hopkins has dusted off one of her old notebooks full of hateful bile in anticipation of her expected return to the social network platform.

Hopkins told the four people who currently listen to her, “Yes! I’ll be back! Bigger and better than ever before, and this time uncensored!

“If you think I said some awful things about asylum seekers last time round, you just wait! I’ve got some really terrible things to say about all sorts of minority groups; Muslims, trans people, the woke people who are polite to servers in restaurants – I’m coming for ALL of them.”

Hopkins went on to explain she had been keeping copious notes since her expulsion from Twitter, safe in the knowledge that one day there would be an opportunity for her to broadcast all of her insane witterings.

She went on, “I believe that Keir Starmer bums dogs, and I don’t think I should be prevented from telling people what I believe if I genuinely believe it to be true. That’s what free speech really means – it means saying anything you like without consequence. This is why it is perfectly acceptable for me to tweet my desire to see asylum seekers drowning in the channel.”

Meanwhile, new Twitter CEO Elon Musk has said Twitter will be a welcoming place for all advertisers, as long as they didn’t mind having their ads displayed in between widely retweeted calls for a new holocaust.