Gary Glitter distances himself from the Conservative Party

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A clip of Rishi Sunak’s first week as PM was released this morning that appears to contain music from former singer and convicted sex predator, Gary Glitter, although he has been quick to distance himself from the party.

Glitter, 76, said, “I’m absolutely disgusted by this. I’ll stoop to standards not many will, but to be seen as endorsing the Conservative ideology is a step too far.

“Being associated with the Tory party has thoroughly tarnished my image. Even if the track isn’t actually Rock and Roll, Pt 2, it sounds an awful lot like it. It’s frankly embarrassing to have my work linked with Rishi and co.

“There are people on my special wing at the prison that won’t even look me in the eye today, and they’re well aware of the things I’ve done in the past. Endorsing the Tories is too much, even for nonces.”

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