Halloween fiscal statement delayed so that Chancellor and PM can go trick-or-treating

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The long-awaited fiscal statement that was to come at the end of October has been pushed back to November 17th, because October 31st is for trick-or-treating.

The newly (and seriously) minted Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and the chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, will use the delay to get their trick-or-treating done.

“I’m going as a vampire,” confirmed a giddy Jeremy Hunt.

“Sucking the blood from the innocent for my own personal gain, and leaving them to die in an alleyway? It’s the stuff Conservative dreams are made of.

“I can’t wait to see what sweeties I get!”

Rishi Sunak commented, “I’m going as Superman.

“It’s not scary, granted, but I think it suits me, what with coming to the rescue and all that. Plus I’m really strong. I could definitely beat up your dad.”

A Conservative spokesperson commented, “I guess it’s cute that they’re excited, despite the delay to the fiscal statement.

“The excitement might dwindle once they realise they are each other’s only neighbours, and will therefore be trick-or-treating each other and nobody else.

“But that’s probably good practice for their future relationship, if modern Conservative party history is anything to go by.”

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