Woman considering marriage after stranger compliments her breasts

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A woman has revealed that she is considering marriage to a stranger who yesterday complimented her breasts.

Miss Karen Botomdrawer was on her way to work when a car slowed and a man opened the window and yelled – ‘cracking set, love’ – before speeding off.

“Well, my first thought was incoherent rage, naturally,” explained Miss Bottomdrawer.

“But then I thought – No, I should just lighten up a bit, because it was actually quite a compliment.”

Over the following days, Miss Bottomdrawer found herself constantly thinking about the incident.

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“For a man to actually take the time to stop, unwind his window and compliment my breasts – that must really show that he really cares.

“I genuinely think I might be in love. I’ve never experienced any feeling like it. I mean, I’ve had serious relationships before, but I’ve never had a man who bothered to shout out of a car about my breasts.

“Perhaps this is it, perhaps this man who actually had the consideration and romance to shout ‘cracking set, love’ is the one for me. Perhaps the time is right to get married?”

Sadly for Miss Bottomdrawer, it has since emerged that the man had gone on to shout comments about the breasts and buttocks of at least eight other women in town that same day.

“What a bastard,” she sobbed, “If you can’t trust a man who shouts about your breasts from his car, who can you trust?”