Next Tory leadership contest pencilled in for late November

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The next Tory leadership contest has been pencilled in for late November, although there is some flexibility to bring it forward by a few weeks if need be.

“Late November feels about right,” explained a senior Tory aide this morning.

“It gives enough time for the stroppy buggers who like Boris to have fatally undermined Rishi’s leadership, but it doesn’t stretch into December and then clash with the World Cup.”

Tory supporters were already looking forward to it.

“Oh good, the end of November is the perfect time,” explained Simon Williams, an unemployed cow sniffer from Barry Island.

“You’ve got Bonfire night out of the way, but you’ve not really started properly on Christmas yet. It’s a bit nothingy, so it’ll be nice to have a Tory leadership contest to look forward to.”

Mr Williams was hoping for a better leadership contest next time.

“I couldn’t really get into this last one, it was over before it really started, and it never really got off the ground. I much preferred the one before. I mean, who could have seen the whole Rehman Chishti thing coming? That was brilliant. I hope we get a few more twists and turns in this next one.”

There are also loose plans in place for another contest in early February and, if possible, another one before Easter before the traditional Spring contest and then at least two more over Summer.