King Charles to offer Rishi Sunak autocue lessons

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King Charles will this morning ask Rishi Sunak to form a new government, but not before offering some advice on how to use an autocue.

After a brief address to the nation last night, Sunak has been criticised for reading his brief speech from an auto-cue that appeared to be situated in the next room.

A palace spokesperson told us, “Members of the royal family often have to give speeches in public and for broadcast, so looking directly at a screen and reading words is one of the easiest parts of their job.

“His majesty was somewhat distraught – like much of the nation – to watch our new prime minister apparently gaze off into the distance when he should have been talking to us, at home.

“He needs help, clearly, and Charles is willing to do that – for the country.”

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Meanwhile, Downing Street sources have not ruled out foul play, after a witness claimed that Boris Johnson stuffed a wedge of cash into the auto-cue operator’s pocket shortly before the broadcast.